Wedding Woes Pt. 2

19 days out …

Since I'm getting married soon, last week, I explained my stance on weddings and marriage in Wedding Woes Pt. 1. I mainly wrote about two of the many things that bother me about weddings: the money and the politics. This week, I remain on that same train of thought to see where it's leading me. As we get closer and closer, here are more things that bother me about weddings.



Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

I'm not trying to jinx myself or wish for a situation that I truly cannot handle, but, so far, I've dealt with my fair share of unexpected bullshit that will fuck up anyone's week for no good reason. I'm not going to get into specifics, but a lot of scenarios that could've made things incredibly problematic for the big day were averted … sort of. Let's just say that our wedding bands will be in our hands 3 days prior to the weddings due to the unwavering policies of a certain jewellery company that shall remain unnamed.

Basically, we're cutting it close for a lot of things even when we planned things in advance. You can't plan everything and vendors can be very obtuse, which is annoying because weddings are nothing new. You'd think these people would be used to special situations and try to help you out a little more or have scenarios that would serve as alternative options.


It's not all bad. Some things will go your way and some people will go above and beyond to make sure your wedding day goes smoothly. Two people at the company that shall remain unnamed have helped me make the best of a bad situation, so I can't act like there's no light at the end of the tunnel.




There are so many little details to consider to pull off a successful wedding and there's nothing more annoying than doing meaningless little things you don't see the use for simply to add to the bigger picture and make some sort of impact. The closer we get to the day, the more things there are to do and it never ends.

Things like posting a wedding notice, getting a liquor license, finalizing the seating chart, adding or removing people from the guest list for whatever reason, finding the right centre pieces, getting party favours for the guests, creating a nice chart for guests to find their seats, meeting with the MC, meeting with the caterer, meeting with the venue coordinator, giving the DJ a track list of songs you want to listen to, and the list fucking goes on.

You need to do all these things, but part of you screams "Really, though?! Why, God? Why?!" 

Minor details can make a world of a difference, and I understand that. The problem is that it's hard to care about the placement of a candle or the light color that will hit the wall as you walk in the room. Is it possible to run out of opinions. At this point, I have to make an effort to give a shit about a few things like the shoes I'm going to wear or my method of transportation to the venue. It's crazy.



Some people love event planning, and they love knocking off items on a task list. It's just a lot to do, so you have to split the tasks and, sometimes, just not do certain things altogether.

Anyway, that's it for Wedding Woes part 2. Check back next week for part 3 and listen to our podcast to actually hear me sound off on my wedding woes. I'll be talking about this every week until I get married. 

Keep praying for your boy.



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