The Death of Chivalry

Chivalry is dead. It has been dead for centuries, but women are acting like it died last year. What women are referring to is the fact that men aren’t gentlemen anymore. Is that true? Maybe. Is there a reason for it? Of course there is. There are quite a few reasons as to why men aren’t gentlemen anymore. First, however, let’s examine what a gentleman really is.


By definition, a gentleman is a civilized, educated and well-mannered man. Are some men still like that? Yes. Do they put their gentlemanly qualities at work? NO. Not always, anyway. I personally think that the reason men started being gentlemen was because they wanted to get a better look at women without feeling guilty about. Imagine a man and a good-looking woman about to walk through the same door.

MAN: “You go ahead, miss. Ladies first.”

LADY: “Thank you, sir” says the lady.

The woman is so happy that men can be this considerate that she forgets the possibility of that the “nice” man could be checking out her ass and whispering to himself, “You are welcome. Yes you are.”

However, these days women complain that men aren’t courteous enough and chivalry is dead, even though chivalry relates to knights who believed women were inferior unless they were a queen. You should be glad it’s dead. So, now, they expect men to treat them like women used to be treated in older times without doing anything that may imply that women are inferior. It’s hard to be a gentleman.


The idea of being a gentleman was founded in a time when women were considered to be the weaker sex incapable of progress without the aid and support of a man. We all know that this way of thinking is dead and gone. Women aren’t quite sure why they need men. Yes, there’s love, relationships, marriage and raising a family, but what about the really important stuff. They don’t need you to pick them up from their house, open their doors, hold their bags, pay for their meals and all that other stuff anymore. But if they can get you to do it just by smiling and looking pretty, they sure as shit will! We can’t blame them for wanting to experience that kind of treatment and any man who loves his lady behaves like a true gentleman and treats her the way she deserves to be treated.


There are a few reasons why men are refusing to be gentlemen or, at the very least, are selecting which women to be gentlemanly with.

1. Women who demand/request it

These days, more than ever before I assume, people absolutely HATE being told what to do. If you want someone to do something, tell them to do the exact opposite of what you want done. Try it and see for yourself. Anyway, when you tell a guy to be a gentleman, you’re basically implying that he isn’t which is an insult. So not only are you insulting him, but you also expect him to be courteous to you on top of it? Doesn’t make much sense.

Also, don’t try to hint that your friend, Kayla, has a true gentleman for a boyfriend. That just creates insecurities and jealousy.

2. “Be a Gentleman … Sometimes”

I think that one of the most frustrating things you can do to someone is to expect him to please you without knowing what that really means. Men can’t read minds. He can’t be a gentleman when the two of you are in public and do as he wishes when no one’s around or vice versa. You can’t decide when you want a dude to pay for dinner or movies and then decide when you want to pay. You also cannot ask a man to be a gentleman and then flip out with a feminist rant when his gentlemanly manners make you feel helpless or inferior. You can’t have it all. That’s why some men say screw it and let you take yourself out. They are gentlemen. They just don’t feel like putting up with bullshit.

3. Women Have Transformed the Meaning

I saw this picture going around Facebook about two months ago. In the picture you saw a boy and a girl, from the waist down, walking outside. The boy was walking in his socks while the girl was sporting, what seemed to be, his vans and carrying her heels in her hand.  The caption read: “True Gentlemen”. Seriously?  Are you shitting me?  “Truly bitch-made” would be more accurate! A true gentleman would have carried the girl. I bet all he got for his efforts were a stingy kiss on the cheek, the girl telling him how nice he was and a shitload of blisters on his feet to go with his blue balls. If being a true gentleman means sacrificing your manhood to make a girl happy for 5 minutes, forget it. I’m out. I got enough problems, dammit. It should mean that you are a considerate, educated and well-mannered man … not someone’s bitch.

4. Some Girls Take It Too Far

Have you ever been with a girl who won’t open her own doors? They’re slick about it. They’ll usually let you go first and wait for you to hold the door open for them. You notice their ugly little habit when they get to a door first and they just stand there waiting and looking at you like you’re retarded. You catch on and, eventually, open the door (or you just stand there looking back at her the same way to see if she really isn’t going to open the door). Anyway, she’ll get to expect that you do stupid shit like that for her and instead of realizing how lucky she is, when don’t live up to her expectations, she’ll get mad and give you crazy attitude. That’s quite a bitch. The situation is, not her. Well …

5. Women Can’t Shoulder All the Blame

Some vile men believe that since women have made so much progress over the years and they can now do everything men can, and then some, that their gentlemanly behavior should be rewarded. These men should know that there are some women who will accept that you pay for their dinner and then sleep with you to show their gratitude … they’re called hookers, escorts and crack whores minus the crack! People do not owe you anything and if you feel that acting a certain way makes that true then just do you and stay home by yourself looking at the hands of the clock move ever so slowly. Wow. That sounds boring.


A real man knows the difference between being a gentleman and a punk. He treats women with courtesy and respect as long as they are deserving of that treatment they will keep getting it. A gentleman is a civilized, educated and well-mannered man who treats everything around him with respect and care. Ladies, if you happen to have a true gentleman in your life, do not demean him by trying to make him do stupid crap that only serves your purpose. Fellas, if you want to be a gentleman, treat a woman nicely because it’s right, not because it will get you laid.

The 2012 True Gentleman is a man who knows that he doesn’t need to care or provide for a woman, but chooses to do so because he has respect for himself (won’t let a girl pay for all his shit) and he has respect for tradition (romance, courtship and more). He is a gentleman because he chooses to be one and not because of what people may say or think. He treats everyone, not just women, with courtesy and respect. He always tries to be a better man for himself and his loved ones.

Aspire to be a True Gentleman.

All right, people. Play nice. And have great week-end.

Wilden. Out.


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