The Trumped Up Nominee

Hey, remember when Donald Trump had that weird announcement where he said that he was running for president and managed to offend all Mexicans in the process?

Oh and remember when he also said that women who have abortions should face some level of punishment? 

And who can forget when he said that the US should ban all muslims from their entering the country?

Despite all that, "Let him run," we thought. No one believed that he would ever be taken seriously.

Well, it was all fun and games until he became the Republican nominee and doubled down on all the crazy shit he said on the campaign trail to appeal to his obliviously ignorant, racist supporters. There is nothing crazier than listening to the shit Donald Trump supporters say. They are incredibly misinformed and they are willing to stand by this egomaniac no matter what bullshit he conjures up.

I could list all the offensive and stupid things Trump has said (like Keith Olbermann did), but I'd rather focus on more recent matters.



Last Friday, the Washington Post released footage taken over 10 years ago where Donald Trump and Billy Bush were recorded saying offensive things about women, most notably "grab them by the pussy". In that recording, the Donald basically admitted that he sexually assaults women and that he gets away with it because he's famous.

The Republican candidate called his remarks "locker room talk" as he attempted to dismiss how terrible his words were to make them seem innocent. The spin didn't work and, for once, it seemed like this tape would be the Judas bullet that would wound the Trump campaign (that's a Luke Cage reference).

The backlash was swift. Given that Trump's remarks are indefensible, Republicans were forced to make a choice: condemn Trump's remarks or defend them by spinning the narrative beyond belief.

Paul Ryan, the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, went as far as to completely distance himself from Trump in order to salvage the image of the Republican party since, as their nominee, Donald Trump represents all of them to a certain extent.

Usually, scandals stay in the news cycle for about a week, but this Trump narrative seems to be here to stay. The Trump campaign is finally bleeding and, if it bleeds, it can be killed.

That seems to be where we're headed as many women have come forward accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault. Just like Bill Cosby and Roger Ailes, former FOX News CEO, the numbers are growing and the accusations present a pattern of predatory behaviour.

Bill Cosby's going to trial and Roger Ailes has agreed to million-dollar settlements to silence his victims. It's worth mentioning that Ailes is currently a campaign advisor for Trump. These guys have money, so they can stay out of jail and step away from the public eye until things quiet down. The only difference between those perverted sexual offenders and Trump is that Trump is running for president. Therefore, no amount of money will make the American public simply dismiss these remarks.


For all the crazy things Trump's been able to get away with, it turns out that only few americans want someone who says "grab them by the pussy" to represent them or become their president.

But, are you really surprised by this? We're talking about Donald Trump.

  • This is the guy who used to face off with Vince McMahon on WWE Monday Night Raw.
  • The same guy who became famous for his "reality" show "The Apprentice" where he fired people for the hell of it to satisfy his ego.
  • The same guy who co-owns the Miss USA pageant, which judges contestants solely based on their looks.
  • The man who publicly fat-shamed Rosie O'Donnell among other insults because O'Donnell said that Trump once claimed bankruptcy. Apparently, saying negative things about the Donald's wealth is a cardinal sin.
  • This is a man who's so full of himself he has to put his name in gold letters on everything he can think of. Never mind his name being in gold, his New York penthouse is all gold everything. Trinidad James ain't got shit on Trump.

Why wouldn't he think he could get away with it?


The Donald has spent the better part of his existence basking in his millions and living the life of a rich kid who believes that money equals power and that power equals privilege.

Donald Trump embodies entitlement.

He behaves as if he's entitled to all the money he can have, all the women he desires and, now, to be president because … why not? Even though he apologized for his 2005 remarks, I don't think he's sorry. I don't think he thinks there's anything wrong with it. And, if he wasn't running for president, I bet he would double down on those remarks.

For the past 15 months, every week we've watched him say and do crazy things that would have disqualified any other candidate thinking "That's got to be it, right? He's done." But, nooooooope.

He and all his surrogates kept spewing bullshit on top of bullshit to spin stories and make Trump look good. At this point, they're desperately trying make sense of all the crap Trump says, which makes you wonder "How much are they getting paid to do this shit?"



Finally, people are starting to realize that Trump's a dangerous dude. It doesn't matter if what he said was ten years ago, he was 59 years old then! If you haven't settled in your ways at 59, when does it happen? 

Look, I'm not saying that Hillary doesn't have her flaws. She does. However, the Trump Tapes have completely overshadowed the Wikileaks story exposing her campaigns motives and more. Sadly for Trump, no one cares about that story.

Two weeks ago, people were coming to terms with the notion of a Trump presidency, but now it seems that the lesser of two evils will win.

Donald Trump should have never been in this race. He's not fit to be president and he never will be. He's an entitled, egomaniacal, petty 70-year-old 12 year-old who will hurt the US and all its allies if he's ever elected to office. 

Don't drop the fucking ball, Hillary.

Finish him!


written by Joe Renegade


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  1. Bobby Bilbo Baggins October 14, 2016 at 8:15 pm · · Reply

    What are you worried about. I hope Trump or a third party wins only so that hillary doesnt win. She doesnt deserve to be first female president because she embodies the exact opposite of what the first female president should be.

    The only words i truly believe out of trump’s mouth are the things he says about Hillary. He has built a wealthy life on lies and deceipt. Hillary is married to Bill. Bill attacks pussies, he doesnt grab em gently…

    Trump is the worst thing for the world but might be the best option for America. I little modesty to an entire nation. And i know…. Nukes…. Listen this is the american way:
    Im trump or Hillary starts talkin crazy shit/doin crazy shit, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll take a nice drive in downtown Dallas. Maybe a convertible.
    American way because either of em win. You’re still fucked

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