The Power of Balance

The Power of Balance

Have you ever heard the saying " Too much of anything will kill you?" It's true. Over time too much of anything will either drive you insane, depress you or kill you over an indefinite amount of time. The key to success in anything is balance. For instance, in your relationship, there's a certain balance that keeps everything in order or a certain imbalance that needs to be addressed to make things better. If you're always the one who has to silence your opinions or ignore your desires to make sure that your partner gets what they want in order to be happy, that's an imbalance that will either cause you to snap or cause them to use you like a doormat. The proper way to restore balance is to assert yourself and clearly express what you want without wavering from it by letting your partner know that they always get what they want and that's not fair. A relationship is about two people and blah blah blah.


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