Relationships Aren’t For You – 5 Reasons Why

Relationships aren't for everybody.
People are way too random, particular and annoying to match up with just anyone and be happy for the rest of their lives. There's always something wrong, something missing or something that's not quite right.
The fall out always seems inevitable, but have you ever wondered if maybe you may be the reason your relationships don't make it? 


Don't worry, I'm not calling you a bad person, and one day you'll find someone to love you and blah blah blah blah.

But you have issues. You know it, your mama knows it and your therapist agrees with your mama.
I'm not saying that these issues should keep you single forever or that you're a reprehensible monster who doesn't deserve love. What I'm saying is that relationships create a specific dynamic and expectations that you're probably not equipped for. I know I wasn't at first, but through the power of love and compromise, my girl and I are still fighting the good fight today.
Check out five reasons explaining why relationships aren't for you.
  1. You're inflexible 

    Compromise isn't in your vocabulary.

    You need to have things your way – all day every day. You think every one else isn’t as smart as you are, so you need to have complete veto over everything. Big misatke since you're probably not smarter, just more anal retentive. 

    Here’s the issue, you’re not alone in a relationship. Just as much as you like to have things a certain way, so does your partner.

    Whether you’re a control freak, slightly OCD or you haven’t grown up yet, having things your way is how you choose to live and you won’t have it any other way. 

    Like, come on, bruh. You were a mere stranger little over a few months ago, and now you're trying to run their life? Nah. It can go down like that.


  2. All your relationship standards are based on Pop Culture

    As a kid, you grew up watching Disney fairy tales where prince charming does every thing he can think of to rescue the princess he met days ago, so they can get married and live happily ever after. All good.

    Decades later, you're now single – Netflix and chill on the solo tip – and watching romantic comedies and throwback episodes of Friends yearning for that Monica and Chandler kind of love. That's cool. But before you use TV, movies and fairy tales to create your relationship standards, know this :

    a) Events in fiction is more exciting and flawlessly executed than they are in real life.
    b) Writers spend months – years even – creating what you spend minutes/hours watching.
    c) The shit is fake!

    We often hear fictional characters talk about a spark or something magical they feel as the tell-tale sign that they're in love. That shit doesn't happen in real life. If that's happened to you, you may be crazy or on LSD. I've never heard of a real person refer to falling in love that way. What I've heard of is feeling completely safe, comfortable or at peace with a partner. 

    Forget what you've seen on TV, forget what you've read in fiction, and most importantly forget what people say about relationships because people lie. Sadly, you have to experience relationships for yourself and make your own conclusions because, general similarities aside, what works for the next couple may not work for you.


  3. Arguing is not for you

    Movies and real life have one major thing in common: subtext.

    Subtext, for lack of a better definition, is what is meant rather than what is said. It’s so hard to say exactly what you mean in a relationship, so many misunderstandings happen, things get blown out of proportion and nothing get solved until you have a big fight, have yourselves a nice little make-up sex session and finally talk to each other about what’s really bothering you. The problem is that you have to go through this whole song and dance every time. Somehow, that process helps your relationship grow.

    Not engaging in those arguments can be interpreted as you not caring at all.


  4. You only want sex

    I’m not mad at you for this one. I mean sex is great, but we all have to go through all the other relationship bullshit in order to consistently get it from the same person. You disagree and don’t want to hear it. I respect that, but relationships aren’t for you.

    Strictly sexual relationships usually bring a different type of drama anyway. 


  5. Sharing is a foreign concept to you

    By sharing, I don’t mean sharing a plate of chicken wings at a restaurant … Well, that too, but what I’m referring to is sharing thoughts, feelings, ideas and a lot more with your partner.

    You’re not ready for all that. You keep everything to yourself and box everyone else out like Charles Barkley in ’92. Therefore, you never let anyone in and never get to grow with anyone.  


Written by Georje Wilden.

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  1. I actually felt something i never felt after meeting my wife. That was nearly 12 yrs ago but to my deathbed i will remember rocking down the highway to bob marley’s “could you be loved” witb hopes and aspirations that i would wed this chick. Well i did. That euphoric feeling lasted a couple of hours until i got home and got high.

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