Relationships Aren’t For You – 5 Final Reasons

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I know you need more convincing, so here are five final reasons explaining why relationships may not be for you..


  1. Commitment frightens you

    People always want to put labels on what you do or make things exclusive and you don’t want any part of it. You want to be a Free Agent for life.



  2. You believe monogamy is outdated 

    You like to have multiple partners and you don’t believe in exclusivity. Until you get a sister-wives or brother-husbands situation going strong, stay away from a relationship.



  3. You're too selfish

    You can’t think of anyone else but yourself. I mean you can, but it’s really hard and it’s not as interesting as anything you have going on in your life. No matter what the conversation is, you bring it back to yourself or your interests. You need a groupie and not a partner.


  4. You have no backbone

    You allow yourself to be controlled. Basically, you always set yourself up to be mistreated and possibly manipulated. People love challenges and you offer none. Stand up for yourself. Confidence is sexy. 


  5. You're immature (Emotionally)

    Emotionally, you have a hard time processing your feelings and you react to arguments like a brat. You also seem to believe that every thing should be tit for tat, so whenever you feel slighted, you don’t look for a solution, instead you’re looking for reveeeeeenge. You need to step your emotional game up. 


That’s it. These are all the reasons why relationships aren’t for you. It’s okay though. They’re not for everybody.

You’re better off alone than miserable with someone who’ll end up resenting your presence. However, somebody may accept you and all your imperfections at which point you’ll experience a happy relationship. 


written by Georje Wilden.


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