Mike Tyson’s “If You Show Up” Video (WTFDIJW)

What the f*ck did I just watch (WTFDIJW)? 

If you don't know what's going on between rapper Soulja boy and r&b singer Chris Brown, here are the broad strokes:

  • They got beef.
  • They kept going back and forth on Instagram dissing each other.
  • One of them (Chris Brown) issued a boxing match challenge that the other one accepted.
  • Floyd Mayweather's in Soulja Boy's corner.
  • Mike Tyson's in Chris Brown's corner.
  • There's money involved (Duh! Floyd Mayweather's in the picture!)
  • A lot of people want a piece of the spotlight/money this "fight" is generating.
  • A lot of bad songs are going to be created because of it (See: "Draco" and "If You Show Up").

That's all you need to know.

Any other detail is just pouring gasoline on a fire that many people thought would die out sooner than later but is turning out to be something people clearly excited to see. 

Part of me didn't even want to give it any attention since the root of the beef between these two grown men who can have any woman they want, allegedly stems from relationships with Karrueche Tran and/or Rihanna, which makes all of this ridiculous. Furthermore, Mike Tyson's diss song, "If You Show Up" and Soulja Boy's diss song "Draco" pretty basic songs to be honest.

**Old man reference alert** I've heard better rapping on Parappa the Rapper – an abysmal PlayStation rhythm video game released in 1996 that is an insult to hip-hop culture – as far as lyrics and flow are concerned. After hearing the songs, I was ready to put this whole fight/beef/publicity stunt to bed. But then …

Enter Tonio Skits.

If you loved watching Vine videos, you probably already know about Tonio. The dude is funny and he comes up with pretty clever and creative content (check out his 'gram, fam). For some reason, ALL the women in his videos are good looking, like he owns part of a modeling agency or all of his sister's and his girlfriend's friends are hot as hell or something. I mean, shit.


Antonio Ramos a.k.a. Tonio Skits is credited as director of the "If You Show Up" video. The video is essentially about 10-12 beautiful women lip-syncing over Tyson's lyrics and it's freaking awesome!

Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself. This video is a must-see for all the right (and wrong) reasons.


You keep listening to the song because you want to keep looking at the gorgeous women. I mean, I thought it was a joke at first given that Tonio Skits is all about comedy, but this is a legit rap diss video. It's no "Hit 'em up" but, still. Mike Tyson is up on things because, had he not released the song with the video, the song would have otherwise been ignored.

I assume Tonio Skits didn't have a crazy budget for this video, so he's an OG for this. He should direct more hip-hop videos, man. 

As for the beef/fight itself, the height, weight, reach (arm length), and savagery factors are all in Chris Brown's favor. Given the training videos we were provided with, if I had to put my money on one of them, it would have to be on Brown. That is unless steroids and other performance enhancing drugs are allowed, in which case, I'd still put my money on Chris Brown.  

Floyd Mayweather should put his Conor McGregor fight rants on pause and get in the gym with Soulja Boy.

The last thing I will say is, after watching the video three times straight, I don't know what else to say about this except … Go team Brown x Tyson? 

Oh, and keep that shit up Tonio Skits. Real talk.


By the way, Happy 2017 to all the renegades out there.


written by Joe Renegade



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