Made You Look: What Men and Women Look At

Ladies and Gentlemen,

When it comes to relationships and dating there are always certain unwritten rituals and games that people are forced to take part in. The first impression is usually the most important one so you should know what the other sex is checking out in order to look your best. I went to work this week. I call it work because I don’t usually like to talk to people but I went the extra mile for my readers this time. I asked both sexes what they looked at when they first see or meet a person of the opposite sex. The face was a unanimous given. I wanted to know what people looked at after getting passed the face and here is what I found.

Ladies First

Women are the most fascinating people in our society. They always have a strategic method for doing things. It isn’t always logical but it is a method nonetheless. Most women look at different things but there is a general pattern when it comes to what they look at when they first see a man.

A Word on the “Double Take”

Most women have mastered the art of the “Swift Analyzing Look” where they see all the things they need to see in one subtle, fluid motion. The “Double Take” is a sucker’s move. What’s a “Double Take”? Men should know because they do it often. The DT is when you look at someone briefly, but in that short moment, you see something that you would to get a better look at. This make you damn-near break your neck as you try to look again. Hence, the “Double Take”. Women will pretend they forgot something, head back in the direction of the guy they were checking out, get their second look and move on rather than give you the satisfaction of catching them in a “Double Take”. It’s an amateur’s move.

The face is the first thing and women mostly focus on lips, teeth/smile and eyes. Here are the Top 5 things women look at after the face:

5. Clothes

A lot of women feel that the way a person dresses says a lot about their character and it’s true. A man wearing a nice suit and clean shoes can’t possibly say the same thing than a guy wearing a loose fitted shirt and sagging skinny jeans. Clothes speak for you so keep that in consideration the next time you go shopping (if you buy your own clothes).

4. Attitude/Confidence

The way you carry yourself matters a lot as well. Some women like to flash-forward and look into your would-be future together. Can she see herself walking with a guy who likes to “gangster lean” every fifth step? It might not go over well when you’re meeting the family on Christmas Eve. Your confidence can be felt through your mannerisms and the way you speak. Women find confidence attractive. Shy guys don’t take charge and, as a man, there will always comes a time where you have to take charge; confidence gives you the ability to do so. Fellas, make sure you carry yourselves right.

3. Shoulders/Build

It’s hard to tell what someone looks like under all their layers of clothing but there is always little signs that give you a general idea. That is where the build comes in. It gives a glimpse of what is hidden underneath. For instance, broad shoulders are common to most athletes and fitness enthusiasts while, generally speaking, narrower shoulders can reveal different characteristics a man can possess.

2. Butt

A lot of girls were embarrassed to admit it but they do appreciate a nice, tight backside on a man. They did not tell me why and I didn’t insist because it seemed to relate to something … sexy. Better start doing barbell squats, gentlemen (or that other butt machine).

(Drum roll) The number one thing women look at is …

1. Hands

Fellas, stop looking at your hands and let me explain why. Stop it! I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes. Women look at the hands you use to give your boys wet-willies. The same hands you use to scratch your crotch like it’s a hobby. Yes, the hands you use to mast… Well, you know. To master your Xbox skills. 😉 The reason why women look at hands is because they can tell a lot from them. They can tell if:

  • You’re married
  • You like jewellery
  • You’re hygienic
  • You work with your hands
  • You care about your appearance( dry, ashy hands)
  • And more …

They also look at them because if they flash-forward to you touching or caressing them, they would rather it feel like cotton and not sandpaper. There is also the myth promoted by the sitcom Friends where the girls of that show heard that the distance between the index finger and the thumb is relative to the size of a man’s penis. Stop looking at your hands, fellas! There is no scientific evidence that it’s true. At least, let’s hope there isn’t.

Men are so simple

The way men look at women is a top-to-bottom approach based on whether women are facing us or walking away. A guy may say that he looks at hands or shoes or lipstick if he wants but, even if that is true, it’s all secondary to what most guys admit to looking at first. Men are attracted by curves. Whether you have them in the front, in the back or both, it’s what catches the eye and makes them look at you from top-to-bottom. When men look at the face they look for a nice smile, eyes and soft skin.

If you’re facing them men look at the face, the breasts and then the legs. If you’re walking away then they look at the butt and then the legs. Some men look at the way women walk also. But it’s always top-to-bottom. Simple.

Wilden Out.


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