Logic’s Bobby Tarantino – A Review

If you're a fan of Kendrick Lamar, Drake, J. Cole, Childish Gambino and more of the same type of rappers set to be the rap legends of our generation, you must've heard of Logic by now. If you haven't, you have a lot of catching up to do.

Logic is a lyrically skilled and incredibly creative hip-hop artist who needs to be considered when discussing the new rap leaders today. Both of his studio releases, Under Pressure and The Incredible True Story, were great albums who were not as acclaimed as they should've been since Logic isn't mainstream. However, Logic's relentless pursuit of success and his diligence showcased through his body of work make it a matter of time until he's the next big thing.

On Friday, July 1, Logic released a surprise 11-track mixtape titled Bobby Tarantino to the world. The title and album artwork were a little misleading because I felt like it would be another concept project because he's such a big Quentin Tarantino fan and, unless it was and it completely went over my head, this mixtape was no concept project.

Nevertheless, the mixtape was still a great listen and provided Logic fans with a vibe much different from his last studio release, The Incredible True Story.

It feels like Logic couldn't wait until his next album to release new music, so he gave his fans a little taste of what's to come in the near future. Here's the best this mixtape has to offer.




The mixtape starts off with a heavy bass banger! On this track, Logic boasts that he runs the game by displaying part of his lyrical skill through his rapid-fire flow and clever wordplay. This track will have you saying "Oh, God. Oh. Oh, my God!"


The Jam

This track follows the same vibe as "Flexicution" where Logic seems to wonder how some rap fans still do not know who he is, but how that doesn't stop his resolve.


This track featuring Pusha T is another hit to turn up to. Logic just kills it on the beat and Pusha T provide a great collaboration in the process, which makes you wonder why Logic doesn't collaborate with other hip-hop artists more often. 



It's a great mixtape and I enjoyed every track on it to the point where it was the only album I listened to for an entire week. I would have added more songs to the highlights, but I'd be writing about 8 tracks out of 11. You're better off listening to it than me simply writing about it. I give this mixtape an 8/10.

Don't sleep on Logic.


written by Georje Wilden


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