Goodbye, 2016! That’ll do.

As far as the Renegade Scholars are concerned, 2016 was a big year in many ways.

We successfully launched a website, a podcast and we managed to get a little bit of a following. Just a little bit (shout out to all our Instagram followers, you guys are dope). 

It's definitely nothing to brag about, but it makes us a little happy knowing that people like our shit.

Having said that there are a lot of things we are looking forward to in the New Year:

  • Optimizing our mobile website access
  • Improving the UI and design of the website
  • Creating a lot more articles … like a lot more
  • Transitioning from audio podcast to video podcast

As always, we only want to do our thing, create dope shit and if we can entertain people as we do so … that's awesome.

We wanted to take the time thank you all for your support and feedback. Good or bad, it helped us grow a little.

Now get back to planning your New Year's eve party.

And remember, 2017's going to be lit, my G! 



written by Joe Renegade on behalf of The Renegade Scholars


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