The Good, the Bad, the F*cked up – Weekly Roundup – 06/18

This is the GBF Weekly Roundup (the Good, the Bad, and the F*cked up) for the week of June 13. Life is random as hell and, every week, stories from all over show us how good, bad and fucked up things are going.



  • Man Lives Without a Heart for 555 Days


    Stan Larkin (25) has been waiting for a heart transplant for four years after he find out that he had heart failure.

    He has spent 555 days with an artificial, portable heart to allow him to continue to live his life without being confined to a hospitable bed. Due to the Syncardia Freedom Portable Driver, Larkin was able to wait for a donor without suffering. Larkin recently received a heart and is doing fine. He serves as an inspiration to the developments in the medical field.


    Hearing stories like this give you hope because health is such a fragile thing. Anyone can be hit with a life-changing illness and it’s good to hear that certain people are working to create devices to help them keep living and fighting.

    Congrats, Mr. Larkin.


  • Trump May Have Started his Descent into Political Oblivion


    After the Orlando shooting Trump took to Twitter and TV interviews to reinforce his xenophobic stance on immigration and muslims as a whole. He chose to blame Obama and terrorism for what happened instead of waiting for the investigation to develop and make informed commentary on the situation. That’s not his style anyway, so he kept going as he promoted his rhetoric of fear, hate and segregation.

    After what we’ve come to expect from Trump, it’s nothing shocking for him to unload his verbal diarrhea on the world. But, in the Orlando case, he may have spoken too soon. As a presidential nominee, people expect you to act like you have the job since you probably will. All of Trump’s comments were less than presidential and it rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. In a moment of sorrow and mourning, the last thing people need is someone shooting his mouth off trying to put blame where there is none. 


    I hope this is the moment where people realize that the Trump show is no longer fun. Imagine if he was president right now, I’m willing to bet people would have died in vain because he would have wanted someone to answer for the crime. Everyone with common sense know that Trump is the most dangerous candidate to ever run for office because he’s an unstable, petty egomaniac who loves to prove how "great" he is. He has no concern for the country as a whole. He only cares about himself and he’s not that bright.

    His recents comments regarding Orlando proves that.


  • Stanford Rapist Only Gets 6 Months 


    It's the story of the week. Brock Allen Turner was arrested for raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster outside a fraternity party. When he was caught he tried to run, but two men held him until the police came. That was last year. This story is making noise now because Turner, a convicted rapist, was sentenced to a mere 6 months in jail, which can be reduced to 3 months with good behaviour. The judge gave him a light sentence because, according to the judge,  a person of Allen's socioeconomic background wouldn't do well in jail. People are claiming that this is white privilege at its best and that the justice system is biased.


    People are using this story to expose the 2-tier justice system that benefits the rich and keeps minorities down.


    This way this situation was reported was wrong from the very beginning and the media has done an extremely poor job in reporting it. Instead of releasing his mugshot once the story broke, a school picture was shown to the masses. Instead of reporting the crime as a rape, they reported as a sexual assault.

    Then we get to the partisan judge who hands out a light sentence for the dumbest reason, which is basically condoning his crime and making light of it. Due to countless protests and petitions, the judge has been removed from the case. Hopefully, this will cause Turner to go back to court and face proper punishment.

    The rules should apply to everyone. I know it’s easy for people with money to want to settle their problems by throwing as many dollars as needed at the problem. However, it shouldn’t be that way. People should have equal treatment under the law. You shouldn’t be able to buy you way out of the consequences you have to face.


  • Gunman Kills 49 people and injures 53 more in Mass Shooting


    Last Sunday, Omar Mateen walked into Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida and shot 49 people dead. Mateen injured 53 more before he was gunned down by police.

    Before commenting the crime, Mateen called 911 to pledge his allegiance to ISIS and claim that the Boston Marathon bombers were heroes.

    The shooting has been called anything from a terrorist attack to a hate crime. However, the latter seems to be the closest thing to the truth since Mateen went to a gay nightclub to shoot gay men.

    This has been recorded as the worst mass shooting in U.S. history with the death toll being so high.


    The problem with this tragedy is that the reflex isn’t to mourn or to do what we can to honour the victims and help their families grieve. What we all do is attempt to find the reason behind what happened. Mateen’s death isn’t enough closure because something needs to change. A lot of people rushed to blame Muslim because of the shooter’s name and suspected religious faith. Meanwhile, others try to understand why a ban on assault rifles hasn’t yet been legislated.

    It’s hard to argue that with less gun, especially assault rifles, these mass shootings would not happen as much or at all.

    How many people need to die before things change? Sandy Hook happened and nothing changed, so I feel we’re far away from that much needed change.




  • A Toddler Gets Snatched By an Alligator at Disney Resort


    A two year old boy was snatched and dragged under water by an alligator at the Seven Seas Lagoon in a Disney Resort. It took divers and researchers 18 hours to retrieve the body who was said to be intact. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, I suspect the young boy died from drowning.


    The resort did have “No Swimming” signs posted to let people know to not enter the water, but that wasn’t enough. The father did everything he could to stop his boy from being taken away, but his efforts were in vain unfortunately.


    This is messed up and I can’t imagine what the parents must be going through. When i first heard this story on the news, I thought it was a bad joke. When I looked into it and found out it was real, all I could do was shake my head. There are no words.

    Some assholes tried to blame the parents for their involvement or lack thereof, but this could have happened to anyone visiting an area with gators. It should have been fenced off if it was truly dangerous, but according to the stats, these type of gator attacks are very rare.

    Pray for this family, man. Can’t imagine what they’re going through.


  • Teen Shoots Girlfriend After Breakup


    Tanner Flores shot his girlfriend after she broke up with him.

    Once Ashley Marie Doolittle, Flores’s girlfriend, was reported missing, Flores was the prime suspect. Police retraced the boy step and found him at his grandfather’s house where he was trying to dump the body he put two bullets in.

    Flores was charged with 1st degree murder, kidnapping, and using a weapon to commit a violent crime since he stole the gun he used from his dad, 


    What happened to crying yourself to sleep as you listen to 90s R&B after a break-up? How about hitting a strip club with the boys to change your mind?

    How is killing your girlfriend and spending the rest of your life in jail a valid option?

    Emotions or not, people need to stop killing each other for dumb reasons.


written by Georje Wilden



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