The Good, the Bad, the F*cked up – Weekly Roundup – 06/04

This is the GBF Weekly Roundup ( the Good, the Bad, and the F*cked up) for the week of May 30. Life is random as hell and, every week, stories from all over show us how good, bad and fucked up things are going.

This is a short one for this week.



  • Young Japanese Boy Left in Woods Found After 6 Days


    If there were awards highlighting parenting fails, this week would have two top ten finalists.

    While he was out hiking in the forest with his parents, Yamato Tanooka (7) was throwing stones at cars and people. To punish him, his parents left him by himself to hopefully teach him a lesson. Thinking that a few minutes would be enough torture, they went back to the spot they left their boy in order to take him back home. Once they got back to the location, Yamato was no longer there.

    At first, Yamato’s father lied to authorities by telling them that the boy simply got lost. He later admitted that he abandoned his child as a form of punishment. 

    After a few days, a search party was formed to find the child lost in the wilderness where bears roam. 

    For a short while, Yamato’s parents faced serious charges, however, luckily for them, the boy was found.

    According to 

    "Yamato was found inside a military barracks for the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) near Shikabe in northern Hokkaido, about two-and-a-half miles from where his parents left him for misbehaving six nights earlier, reports said."

    The boy suffered minor scrapes and low body temperature, but he’s fine otherwises and is currently being treated at the hospital.


    I get that you need to discipline bad behaviour, but, dude! Leaving someone in the woods with no food, water or resources is basically the set-up for a horror movie. Never mind that we’re talking about a 7 year-old.

    I’ve been in the woods before and I didn’t like it. It gets pitch black at night and you have no idea what the hell’s going on or what’s coming at you.

    I have no idea how this boy survived 6 days in the wilderness, but someone needs to write a book or a movie about his experience because I’m fucking dying to find out how he did it. As far as the parents are concerned, I think that the thought of having unwillingly killed their own child is probably punishment enough. That and the whole world judging their terrible decision is plenty of torture.

    Nevertheless, the boy is fine and that’s all that matters. But, for real though, how the hell did he survive? I need to know.


  • Shooting at UCLA University Leaves Two Dead 


    Two people were found dead on the UCLA campus on Wednesday in an apparent murder-suicide.

    Mainak Sarkar shot his former professor, William Klug, for allegedly stealing a computer code and giving it to someone else.  Soon after killing Klug, he shot himself as well. They retraced Sarkar to his Minnesota home where they found his wife's dead body and a kill list with three names: his wife’s name, Klug’s name and an unnamed UCLA professor who was unarmed.

    The shooting caused massive panic on the campus, but police were able to contain the scene in about two hours.

    More details are coming out about Sarkar, Klug and the shooting overall as this is written.

    William Klug was a husband and a father of two.


    I don’t have much to say about this because it’s a tragic situation that probably could’ve been avoided by a long conversation between Sarkar and Klug. But, who knows? Maybe there were no more words to be said.

    I will say that easy access to guns made this possible. If there was a more rigourous process to get a gun, maybe Sarkar would’ve calmed down and rethink his actions.

    I don’t know, but I feel like Sarkar felt betrayed, he got mad, he got a gun and then killed two people.

    It shouldn’t be this easy to murder people.


  • Gorilla Killed in Zoo After Young Boy Falls in Enclosure


    Last Saturday, Michelle Gregg’s 3-year old son fell in the gorilla habitat of the Cincinnati Zoo. Onlookers we’re screaming as they witnessed the gorilla vigorously drag the boy. 

    Faced with a crisis, the Zoo decided to kill Harambe the Gorilla in order to save the boy.

    This story has set the internet on fire since the zoo has killed an endangered species and the boy should have never been able to fall in the habitat in the first place.

    Michelle Gregg’s parenting has also been heavily criticized after the incident.

    The point of this story is that a gorilla was put down to save a boy and people didn’t like it.


    I believe this type of situation happens more often than we know, but this one was publicized and recorded, so people need to have an opinion about it.

    The weird thing is that people are upset a various aspects of the story:

    a) Some people are upset that the gorilla was killed.
    b) Some people are upset that someone was even able to fall in the habitat.
    c) Some people are mad at Gregg’s “neglectful” parenting skills
    d) Others are mad that a tranquilizer wasn’t used instead 
    e) Then there are the ones who are mad at it all

    For those who feel like Gregg is bad mother who neglects her child, it takes a split second for a child to go from a safe spot to a dangerous spot. No one’s perfect, so cut her a little slack.

    As far as shooting Harambe, I believe that it was extreme and a tranquilizer should’ve been used, but they were afraid that it wouldn’t have worked in time, so they acted drastically.

    This is a tough situation because the only way the boy and Harambe would have lived was if they used a tranquillizer, but then that could’ve angered the gorilla and he could’ve harmed the child. So, sadly, there’s no scenario where both of them would have lived without being armed. 




  • Car Runs Over Couple in Crazy Road Rage Incident


    In a Florida road rage altercation gone completely wrong, Robert Paul Vance (31) used his car to run over a couple on a motorcycle after they had gone back and forth over who cut who off. Check out the crazy video here.

    Despite how bad it looks, the couple only suffered minor injuries.

    Vance was tracked down by authorities with the help of the video footage and was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, leaving the scene of an accident and one count of being an habitual traffic offender since he was convicted of a hit and run in 2011 and a DUI in 2003.

    Bob Vance – isn’t that the name of the fridge guy in The Office ? – a true menace to society.


    This was damn near murder. I know the heat and traffic are a bitch, but I’ve never seen someone get this mad. Vance has some anger management issues, man. 

    The video is just crazy, though. 


written by Georje Wilden


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