Bae-sick Rappers

Bae-sick Rappers

There's a certain hunger required in order for anyone to succeed at what they're passionate about.

When it comes to rappers, you can feel that hunger through their music. This hunger, or thirst, makes them better artists because it fuels their passion and creativity.

However, once they're successful and their hunger is satisfied by money, drugs, fame, groupies and expensive things, the art tends to suffer a little for some of them. Few rappers have been able to provide consistent hits once they've hit critical mass.

Even worse, certain successful rappers, who also happen to be suckers for love, end up putting out garbage music or sabotaging their careers without realizing that they've lost the hunger, focus or the thirst they once had.

Relationships aren't for everybody and they damn sure didn't do anything good for the following bae-sick rappers.

Ultimately, what I'm saying is when certain rappers get into relationships, their music starts to suck and their careers suffer.

Before you come up with the exceptions, let me present a few cases to support my claim and a few exceptions to show that it doesn't happen to everybody.





There was a time when Tyga was right on Lil' Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj's heels as Young Money's next star. His mixtapes were pretty damn good and his first three albums were decent. I really liked the Careless World album.

There was a time when I had a lot of faith in Tyga since I thought he had lyrical skills and could throw down on a beat with the best of them … that was a long time ago.

Shit started hitting the fan for Tyga because of his personal life. All the drama with his baby's mother, Blac Chyna, didn't affect him as much in the long run, but once he started pining for an underage Kylie Jenner, shit went souuuuuttthh. 

Since he's been in that relationship, once Jenner turned 18, it seems that Tyga's catching an L every other month and his music is hot garbage. His last album, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, which is the only one he released while officially with Jenner, was trash, man.

There was nothing good about it and it felt uninspired. It felt like he did it because he needed money or something.

Tyga needs to leave Kylie alone because he needs to get his focus back. The music is white hot garbage and he's in the news every now and then getting served papers and shit like that.

Maybe we're not exposed to all the good shit Tyga has going on, but it sure as shit doesn't look good.




Meek's music hasn't really been the same since he started dating Nicki. Actually, it's not the music that took a hit as much as his decision-making skills. 

Going at Drake was one hell of a mistake. He was roasted by the internet and, lately, he's catching more beef than a butcher shop (Game, Beanie Sigel). 

I don't know if it was a case of love clouding his judgment or the fact that being engaged to one of the baddest chicks in the game gave him reckless confidence.

Who the hell knows? 

However, given his latest publicized stunt, seems that he didn't have much judgment to being with.

As far as his music is concerned, it's not bad, but it isn't better than his earlier mixtapes. Dreams Worth More Than Money was all right at best. I didn't like it.

Dreamchasers 4 was better than what most people expected. We thought it was going to the nail in the coffin of Meek's career, but it was actually decent.




Nicki's been on tour since releasing The Pinkprint album, which may explain the lack of musical output. Her relationship with Meek Mill has caused her to be dragged in many conversations/beefs that she had nothing to do with.

Nicki has kept quiet when facing pointless drama and controversy mostly caused by Meek, but it seems that all the distractions have not been beneficial. How could they have been when her ex-fiancé was causing her to be in the news every other month when she didn't even do or say anything?

Now that she's no longer with Meek, we'll see what she has in store for her fans. So far, she's been called out by Remy Ma –  twice – and still no reply. Maybe she's become too big for beef, but it's hard to believe that she is since Nicki is the same person who asked Miley Cyrus "What's good?" at the 2015 VMAs.





He's not a rapper, but close enough. He has the whole thug persona down. 

Chris, Chris, Chris … a.k.a. The Bad Guy, a.k.a. Public Enemy #1, a.k.a. Mr. Unapologetically Ignorant.

I think Chris Brown should probably take a break from relationships altogether. Maybe he needs to work on himself a little bit before trying his hand at the whole relationship thing.

Before the drama with Rihanna, Chris had it made.

He was the R&B poster boy/heartthrob with the million-dollar smile. He had multiple movie roles lined up and companies were throwing endorsement contracts his way left and right.

Then, he got in a relationship with Riri. No one knows the details of what really happened between the two of them. All we know is that Chris went HAM and beat her up. That was a terrible move on Chris's part and, it turns out, a bad move for his career since the story was publicized and he became America's Most Hated public figure for about a year with reason. 

Given the outcome of his relationship with Riri, it's a surprise that he's still selling out concerts, continues to have success and other women want to date him. (Ahem, Karrueche!) 

If that Riri incident never took place, would Chris have done it to another girl or would his image have continued to be squeaky clean and would he now have fewer tattoos and still be America's sweetheart?

Probably not. But it's fun to wonder, isn't it?

I'm not saying the Riri relationship was the cause of his downfall, but it was a self-inflicted gut shot to his career.

Furthermore, his personal life seems to overshadow anything he attempts to do. Every time Chris Brown's name comes up, he's beefing with someone or it's Karrueche-related or some other bullshit.

He either does it to himself or he might as well have tattooed a bullseye on his back because people are just gunning for him. 

I also think he doesn't help the situations he puts himself in. Regardless, he's still doing much better financially than most of us.




These next rappers seem to have a better handle on separating their personal and professional lives. And, if they can't separate the two, they use one to fuel the other, which is how it should be. Right?




She may not be a rapper, but she's dating one and she's the perfect example of a successful recording artist in a relationship. Plus she's one of the best/biggest pop icons of all time. 

Being in a relationship with Jay-Z hasn't hindered her progress by any means. Actually, she's become more successful while being in a relationship and all the credit goes to her. She's beautiful, she's talented and she's become a damn mogul by now.

All hail Queen Bey.


Stop saying negative things about Blue Ivy. She's innocent in all this. And, real talk, she's a cute kid. People need to stop calling her ugly. That's just wrong.



BAE: Jessica Andrea

Logic is married and his music is getting better with each release. In his case, his marriage is a source of motivation rather than a distraction.

I hope he keeps putting out great music.



EX BAE: Naya Rivera

Talk about making lemonade out of sour ass lemons. When Sean broke up with Naya Rivera, the breakup was made public and it wasn't pretty. 

However, Big Sean used the drama to create a song that went triple platinum, "I Don't Fuck With You!"

Sean uses his personal life to add depth to his music. His latest album, I Decided, is a testament to that fact.



I don't think Drake would be as successful if relationships didn't serve as constructive material for his music. There was a time when being emotional in your music was career suicide in rap.

Now, it's not only tolerated but also accepted. Although some rap fans believe that Drake R&B side is the reason he'll never be the greatest rapper, other people really enjoy it. 

Whether it's love or heartbreak, Drake's relationships serve as constructive material for his music and it's made one of the most successful rappers in the last decade.


Written by Joe Renegade


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