5 Things Women Can Get Away With That Men Can’t

Women have fought long and hard to be equal to men and, in many areas, they've succeeded. In other areas, they're kicking our asses with no remorse. They know it, they love it and they will take full advantage of it. They'll even go through the trouble of making men believe that things were meant to be this way all along.

Women can get away with things that men simply can't get away with without putting their balls, dignity, pride and/or  self-respect at risk. The following is the first of three lists outlining the things that women can get away with that men can't.

Women can get away with:

1. Choosing when and where to have sex. 

How so?

Well, everyone knows that women use sex as a weapon. Why do they do it? Because vagina is every male's kryptonite. It makes us weak and lowers our ability to think. That's how women capitalize.

We can also explain it is by using the "supply and demand" principle. Vagina is in high demand; penis … not so much. When something is in high demand, you can charge whatever you want for it and your customers will pay any price. Women know that men desperately want the coochie, that men will do pretty much anything to get it and that's why it's easy to have control over men in the bedroom. Who wouldn't take advantage of that power?

Why can't men do it?

Men can't usually hold out as long as women can. You know, blue balls and all that other stuff is hard on a man. Plus, for some inexplicable reason, when women don't want to have sex … everything is fine; when men don't want to have sex, the relationship's in deep trouble. When men don't want to have sex, they're either cheating or no longer attracted to their girlfriends anymore. That'll teach men to hump their girlfriend's leg like dogs in heat when they're horny.


2. Going out with no money 

How so?

Gentlemen treat their ladies when out on a date or outings of any kind. A girl will always bring her wallet on the first date, but once she knows that her man will most likely pay for her when they go out, she won't make him turn the car around if she forgets her wallet.

Why can't men do it? 

Men can try, but women have a way of making you feel like a worthless piece of shit for not being able to pay. Maybe not at first, but it won't take too long for the frustration to build. There a reason why a man's wallet just flips open: it was never meant to be closed.


3. Criticizing you / Telling you what to do 

How so? 

Well, a lot of women think that they know more than men. There's a lot of evidence that can be used to support their train of thought and they know it. A lot of guys do need a woman to tell them what to do. I know a few guys who aren't necessarily happy in their relationships, but they stay with the girl because they can't picture getting along without her.

Also, when you were growing up your mother ran the house. You dad had his few areas of expertise, but Mommy kept the show running. So, growing up in a household where a woman's opinion is incredibly vital, women feel that they can tell you what to do because they generally know better … They'll use a tone that will lead you to believe whatever comes out of their mouths even when they're horribly wrong.

Why can't men do it? 

Because you're not their daddy, and they're not taking advice from a guy who wears the same socks 3 days in a row because he doesn't care to learn how to do a load of laundry.



4. Having a bad attitude for no reason

How so?

Women have to be bitchy; that's how they get respected. You would be be bitchy too if you were trying to get to class/work and 5 random dudes were trying to holler at you, hold your hand or get your number. The reason why they need to be bitchy is because it stops men in their tracks. When women try to be polite, most men mistake it as interest and keep harassing them with weak flirting attempts.

However, some women go too far. They don't know when to turn the "bitchiness" off and then come off looking like they have an attitude problem. However, they get away with it because they're cute, they smell good and men can't seem to stay mad at them for very long. How can they? Vagina is always in high demand.

Why can't men do it?

Well, they can try but the difference is someone will smack that attitude out of them before long. Some guys forget that they can get knocked out for not acting right.


5. Making you wait

How so?

It takes time for women to look good. And if you don't want to wait, somebody will. Women would like for men to believe that they take so much time to get ready because they want to look good for their man. The truth is that they try to look that good because they have to compete with other women.

Plus, women know that men are going to wait … or else it's Nag City. There's no vagina in Nag City.

Why can't men do it?

Women don't have the patience to wait for men because they have no hair to do, no legs to shave, no outfit to pick out and no make up to put on. Who do men have to look good for anyway? And, you know what? Women are right on this one.

PART 2 next week.

Keep fighting the good fight.

Wilden. Out.


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